Darastrix Dask

Journal of Sylvanavlys Astrazalian, Initiate of the Order of the White Lotus

Today marks the first time since leaving my ancestral homeland of Astrazalian in the Feywild that I found myself in fear of my life, which serves to underscore for me that there might be a purpose in writing these journals, in that someone may find them and use them to help complete the task that we started.

It also marks the first time since being elevated to an initiate in the Order of the White Lotus that I have felt my abilities put to the test. After leaving my home, I settled in Lorkathine; a city built around a dragon’s den, like most places here. The eponymous dragon is the city’s protector, and in exchange for tribute, remains our benefactor. He prefers gold as tribute, and rules his denizens fairly, certainly far more than most, which by itself is a good enough reason to be here. He is largely content to leave his daughter in charge while he slumbers on his mounds of gold, and things have been peaceful, until now.

Recently Elathria (an aggressive and isolationist dragon) and some other small white dragon attacked Lorkathine along with a host of kobold slaves. Lor and his daughter killed Elathria and we slew the other one. Lor, now obviously awake, then tasked us personally to go to Elathria’s city to find out why he attacked.

But I get ahead of myself. Elathria is the next closest dragoncity to us, and lies roughly 12 days’ journey to the southwest of Lorkathine. The “we” I refer to is a chance meeting of souls during a retreat to the spire at the time of the attack. I joined forces with MethGr, a larcenous but apparently well-meaning bugbear from the tribe that lives southeast of town, Betulah, a wise and intelligent spirit-calling hamadryad from the nearby woods, and Dale, a human of suspect moral character working for the town’s militia.

The journey there was largely uneventful. We encountered some kobolds in the night, frightened and pathetic. We took them in, questioned them, and sent them on to Lorkathine to tell Lor of what they knew, and to seek refuge.

Nearer to Elathria, we encountered a flight of 14.7 dragons, which fortunately passed us by while we sheltered in the woods. A great black wyrm (larger than either Lor or Elathria) was leading the pack.

When we arrived at Elathria, it was a complete ruin, with magical fires still burning. The townsfolk were clueless. We raided Elathria’s horde and made for home.

After reporting to Lor, he bequeathed to us a glowing orange gem and a hint that we might want to head to the dragoncity of Sathros (roughly three weeks’ journey northwest of here) to warn them of the rampaging dragons, investigate if they’ve already been attacked, or help them fight it off, if we are not too late.

Before leaving, we visited the market to prepare. I used some of the spoils of Elathria to purchase a basket of eternally refilling rations, and a magical cloak to ward off fell magic. Further, we equipped our steeds with enchantments to make travel easier I also tried to purchase an enchanted blade to add to my combat regalia. Rather than pay for it, I received a box to deliver to Sathros’ city in exchange for the sword. I was so completely blindsided by the offer, I forgot to ask where I was supposed to deliver it to. This would later prove inconsequential.

Several days out from Sathros we encountered a guard of sort on the road. We were discovered attempting to sneak around them and were forced to engage them. They turned out to be dragons. We killed them and did our best to make it look like a dragon attack, but in a most vexing turn of events, the next day the bodies were gone and the scene “cleaned”. We continued on.

The city itself was unscathed, and is apparently well-protected by magical wards (the like of which I would like to study later, should I find the time). We met with Sathros; he is quite large – even moreso than Lor, whom I thought at one time to be impossibly immense. He generously entered into a defence pact with Lor, taking almost all the citizens into his protection. I suspect that there is some history unspoken between these two. We were given an apartment and some powerful enchants for our horses to enable them to fly over difficult ground.

We have a new directive to find out why the dragons are going berserk, and are heading toward the centre of the continent in search of answers.


xorpion NemesisD

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