Darastrix Dask

Journal #3 of Sylvanavlys Astrazalian, Initiate of the Order of the White Lotus

Time-bubbles and new allies on the road to Edar

We procured a map of the world to plot our journey. It appeared that we could carve nearly a straight path across the land to the coast, then find a way across to Edar. Appearances of ancient maps and their lack of accuracy is legendary in and of itself.

Several days in, and I cannot be certain how many or how far we traveled, we encountered a phenomenon that I would learn is called a “time-bubble” which had us trapped for a time. We began to notice that the largely nondescript terrain was starting to look familiar. Betulah and I even noticed a shimmering moving through the air nearby. At first, we thought it to be an invisible creature, or perhaps a scrying sensor. We tried addressing it; first with words, then with hurled spell, neither of which proved fruitful. As it turns out, the ripple was the visual evidence of the trap we’d fallen in.

While we rested, I stayed on the ground as a reference, and Betulah took to the sky on her horse, and used her spirit-companion to test the boundary of this new mystery. After much experimentation, she determined the rough dimensions of this anomaly, and we were able to somehow step outside it and resume our trip once more. We skirted the edge of it to the north, and came up on the glacier.

We discovered there the town of Halestria, and after a brief trip to the market so Dale could purchase warm gear, we met with Her. After I explained our situation, she found it refreshing that the old tales were not forgotten. Obviously unwilling to bow to Sithriel, she offered to help us on our way and take us to Edar. Casting suspicion aside, I agreed on our behalf, and agreed to meet her the following day.

She made good on her promise, though not in the way that I expected. She took us to her lair and made a linked portal to Edar, informing us that our goal lay to the northeast of the portal’s terminus. She intrigued me. I would have to make a point to return and speak with her further.

Edar turned out to be a very warm volcanic isle of sand and sun. Just outside the portal, we discovered a great wall with a doorway, and the crumbled remains of a statue of some sort. We tried to pass through the door, but it slammed in our faces and the statue’s hand and head animated to attack us. After a brief skirmish in which MethGr, and our gem-ally Kallie (a halfling hexblade), proved their mettle (again, in MethGr’s case), the statue crumbled to dust revealing seven plain golden rings. I recalled some lore now about the history of the Guardians in that these rings would be necessary to commanding it, and that they would be battle-won from guardians of their own.

Weary from the road and from the fight, we decided to rest in the lee of the statues former pedestal. MethGr was very nearly crushed by the statue’s head rolling over him, and my nose was still full with the bouquet of ozone and my own lightning-scorched flesh.


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